Drifting through the empty void of space would be enough to make any amalgamation of putrid pulsating flesh cranky. Especially with all these ships around - looks like some civilisation or other is upset about your festering appendage oozing all over their doorstep. 

It's alright. You have an iron stomach for things like this. 


  • Be an abomination of adjective-less description.
  • A load of ships are flying around your personal space
  • Destroy them.
  • Eat the remains.
  • Watch out for asteroids!
  • Try to get as high a score as possible!


  • Use the mouse to aim your creature
  • Move with WASD or the arrow keys
  • Shoot using SPACE BAR or the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Each shot reduces your mass slightly, so if you go spraying too wildly you'll lose a lot of shielding.
  • Ships can also be destroyed by running into them.


This was my first real game using Unity, and I'm really happy with it considering. Didn't have time to do music, but I guess the silence might lend it an eerie atmosphere so I'm not torn up about it.

This game was made for Ludum Dare 33. The theme was "You are the Monster." The game was made during the 48 hour jam.



Eat Ships and Thrive Windows.zip 11 MB
Eat Ships and Thrive macOS.zip 16 MB
Eat Ships and Thrive Linux.zip 16 MB

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