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Lute - sovereign of cash, dough and moolah everywhere, ruler of moneybags and treasure chests - accidentally dropped her crown while out walking one fine day. As fate would have it, some poor fool had put a superfluous, crown-sized grate at that exact spot in the street, and to make matters worse, an even greater fool built a randomly generated dungeon under that grate!

Suitably embarrassed, and not just a little bit miffed, Lute decides to put her money where her mouth is and get it back.

It's time to Queen up!


There, with that out of the way, this is a basic, randomly generated roguelike where you use your money level both as your HP and to attack with. You'll need to keep your cash flow going to survive the icky spiders and dark, creepy Lurks hiding around the place.

This game was made in less than 48 hours. It's a very basic roguelike, but I'm extremely pleased considering the timeline. : )

How to play

  • WASD/Arrow keys to move around.
  • SPACE or Z to attack. Lute always attacks every adjacent tile at once!
  • 1, 2 and 3 selects the strength of your attack. Conversely, the stronger attacks cost more money!
    • The strongest attack even covers two tiles in every direction!
  • Move into a door to open it.
  • Everything is turn based, so your enemies will not do anything until you yourself take action.

Install instructions

  • For Windows:

    1. Download LutesCrown-win.zip and unzip.
    2. Find the game in the games/ folder.
  • For OS X:
    1. Download LutesCrown-osx.zip and unzip.
    2. Find the game in the games/ folder.
  • For Linux:

    1. Download LutesCrown-jar.zip
    2. Find LutesCrown.jar in the games/ folder.
      1. To run it in Ubuntu, go into the properties of LutesCrown.jar.
      2. Find the check box marked with "make executable" or something similar.
      3. Mark the check box!
  • Now get your stinking crown back!

Other notes:

This game requires Java 6 to run. It runs on Windows and Mac, and should run on Linux though that platform hasn't been tested yet.

  • The Mac version ships with its own Java, so you don't need it installed.
  • The Windows version will use the one installed on your computer or ask you to download Java if it can't find it.
  • The Linux-compatible version is a pure .jar-file, so you need to have Java installed for it to run.

This is a sharecart1000 game. This means that it uses a save file that it shares together with other sharecart1000 games. You can find this file in dat/o_o.ini. Download some other games, put them in the games/ folder, and they can all share the same save data!

To see more games using sharecart, go here. This is also a good link for learning more about the system. You can also check out Teacart1k, which is the game jam that this game was made for.


LutesCrown (Windows).zip 7 MB
LutesCrown (OS X).zip 59 MB
LutesCrown (.jar).zip 7 MB

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