Pyramids - ancient constructions that boggle minds all over the place even today. In stories, they are filled with deadly traps to do away with ne'er-do-wells. But the ancient builders of these structures had one more technological marvel in store: vengeful spirits! 

When plunderers invade the final resting place of an old spirit, this old ghost takes control of the pyramid's traps and turns them against the intruders. Time to make good on a curse. 


  • Protect your tomb from greedy intruders
  • Place traps to slow down your enemies until the time runs out
  • Get extra resources by eliminating enemies 


  • Choose traps and place them using the mouse 
  • Clear your currently held trap with RIGHT CLICK 
  • Move the camera with WASD / Arrow keys 




Tabuk Kevin MacLeod ( 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 

This game was made for Ludum Dare 36 by frogcheese and gamesient. The theme was "Ancient Technology." The game was made during the 72 hour jam.


Curse of the Ancients 12 MB
Curse of the Ancients 16 MB
Curse of the Ancients 17 MB

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